At least 3 years have passed I’ve written a blog post. Yet something told me to get back into it. Maybe it could provide balance? A way to relieve stress while also being productive (I know, trying to tie “productivity” into everything isn’t necessarily healthy, but while I’m young I might as well) or, better yet, a way to keep myself accountable. A public record of things I’ve done and said I will do.

Let me give you a little bit of background, with this being my first blog post and all. I have always had some sort of outlet for my ideas. My very first outside of video games was web design in 2006. As you can guess, I got tons of practice through Myspace and made my first freelance money from selling Myspace layouts to friends (both offline and online). Fast forward a few years, I picked up photography and film right before high school and almost immediately began freelancing. Shooting music videos and photos was how I made money for about 8 years.

And then I quit. Well, really my camera went out on me after all those years and I decided it was the perfect time to take a break. I had grown tired of lugging around my equipment for other people. I started to dislike photography and film, which was my biggest fear. Thankfully web design always remained a skill and I began to expand on it a lot more around 2017 until I “took a break” from visual art in 2019.

So within a week I went from visual art as my main income to technology; $300 to drive from my house, park, carry equipment, take photos in the heat, and go through hundreds every time to find a few good ones or I could make $500 minimum in a couple hours from home making websites. The decision was pretty obvious. So I decided to expand from being a web designer to being a web developer by expanding my technical knowledge to compliment my design philosophy.

Fast forward to now: I am still finding a balance between my technical and creative sides, or rather i’m learning that there truly isn’t one and that I should just go with the flow in an organized manner. It makes no sense to try and make sense out of both sides of me.

To end, I’ll say this: Most blog posts in the future won’t be as introspective as this one (it is an introduction, after all). This platform is more of a public journal for me to work out my thoughts, have accountability and hopefully teach someone something new.

Let’s see where this goes.

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